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                                    1913----95 years---2008

Gia Dinh Fine Arts School


More than 4000 years of founding and defending our country-VIETNAM-our forefather had shed so much blood to defend our country and preserve our traditional culture particularly and independently. Except from the historical fight to exist, “THE BEAUTY” is still expressed by our ancestor in each period through archaeological sites and cultural vestiges.
In the past stage of paving the way to the south, the place-names like Dongnai, Bennghe, Binh duong, Saigon, Giadinh, ect…still remain the footprints of preceded generation. GIA DINH is not only famous for its victories, heroes and sceneries, but it also is the center which trained a lot generations of students through the last 95 years.
Staying by the side of Mr and Mrs Chieu’S Temple, GIA DINH FINE ARTS SCHOOL – HOCHIMINH FINE ARTS UNIVERSITY was established in 1913 and acted continuously till now – present address is 5, Phan Dang Luu street, Binh Thanh District, HoChiMinhCity.
We would like to give you a brief review of the period of 95 years of GIADINH FINE ARTS SCHOOL – HOCHIMINH FINE ARTS UNIVERSITY.
GIADINHFINEARTSSCHOOL– HOCHIMINH FINE ARTS UNIVERSITY was established by Mr. L’HELGOACHE and Mr. GARNIER in 1913. Mr. ANDREJOYEUX, who was a civil engineering architect, controlled the school. The first course was started in the 14th of October, 1913 with 15 students. ( This day also was proposed to be the traditional day of the school every year).
2.The school’s name through many periods:
1913 – 1935: The school’s name was DESIGNSCHOOL (L’e1cole de Dessin)
1935 – 1940: The school’s name was FINE ARTS SCHOOL (L’école d’ Arts).
1940 – 1961: The school’s name was GIADINH FINE ARTS PRACTISING SCHOOL ( Le1cole des Arts Appliques de Gia Dinh).
1961 – 1971: The school’s name was GIADINH FINE ARTS DECORATION HIGH SCHOOL (According to the decree number 206-GD/HV/ND in the 21th of February, 1961).
1971 – 1975: The school’s name was GIADINH FINE ARTS DECORATION INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL (According to the decree number 694-ND/QVK/VH in the first of July, 1970
In 1945, all of our country carried out a war of resistance so that the school stopped operating temporarily for a year).
Also in this year, our country was separated into 2 regions. In 10-1954, some artists who loved their job took place a conference about subject of study of Fine Arts in Gia Dinh. They proposed to establish a Fine Arts College having campus by the side of GiaDinh Fine Arts Practising School.
1954 – 1971: The school’s name was SAIGON FINE ARTS COLLEGE ( According to the decree number 1192-GD in the 31th December, 1954).
1971 – 1975: The school’s name was SAIGON FINE ARTS INTRNATIONAL COLLEGE (According to the decree number 273-QVK/VHND in the third of August, 1971).
The two schools had parallel operation according to the training levels. They had closed relation because they stayed near each other and most students of Saigon Fine Arts College came from GiaDinh Fine Arts Decoration School.
After the 30th of April, 1975, The South was liberated completely. Our country was unified then and the two schools were taken over and joined together in one. In the 26th of June, 1975, Ministry of culture and information of provisional revolutionary government in the south of Vietnam decided to appoint the school’s management. In the 8th of November, 1975, the school continued to open new courses and trained two parallel levels.
1975 – 1981: The school’s name was HOCHIMINH FINE ARTS COLLEGE (According to the decree number 707 BVH/QD in the 12th of November,1976).
1981 – 2003: The school’s name was HOCHIMINH FINE ARTS UNIVERSITY (According to the decree number 175-/CT in the 29th of September, 1981).
In 1993, The Ministry of Education and Training promulgated the decree number 1942/QD – SDH in the 16th of September, 1993 showing that The  HoChiMinh Fine Arts University can train more MA level.
Through the last 95 years, from the first name of “GiaDinh Fine Arts School” to “HoChiMinh Fine Arts University”, how many pupil-student generations of the school have become artists, sculptors, decorators. They have been contributing to bring fame to the Fine Arts of Vietnam. The special point is that there are a lot student-pupil generations of the school have come back to guide the following generations. That’s the reason why they took place many meetings which having both “teacher of teacher and student of student” overflowing with love of sentimetal attachment between schoolfellows.
* The Founders:
* The Principals:
1913 – 1921: Mr. ANDRÉ JOYEUX
1922 – 1924: Mr. GASTON HUYNH ĐINH TUU
1925 – 1935: Mr. JEAN GEORGE BESSON
1936 – 1939: Mr. CLAUDE LEMAIRE
1940 – 1944: Mr. STEPHANE BRECQ
1946 – 1948: Mr. ROBERT BÂ TE
1949 – 1965: Mr. LUU DINH KHAI
1965 – 1972: Mr. DO DINH HIEP
1972 – 30/04/1975: Mr. TRUONG VAN Y
1954 – 1966: Mr.LE VAN DE
1966 – 1967: Mr.NGUYEN VAN LONG
1968 – 1970: Mr.LUU DINH KHAI
The last six months of 1970: Mr.NGUYEN VAN ANH
The first six months of 1971: Mr.NGUYEN VAN QUE
1971 – 1973: Mr LE YEN
1973 – 1975:Mr BUI VAN KINH
1975 – 1991: NGUYEN PHUOC SANH  Professor
1991 – 2004: NGUYEN HOANG Excellent teacher
2004 until now: Mr NGUYEN HUY LONG
This list can’t write all in here because the documentation isn’t enough, but all students always remember the mentors who guided and educated them.
The art way highly requires an aptitude, indulgence, creation, and also patience, and so on. Although the former students of Gia Dinh FineArts School continue to pursue their jobs or change to another one, they still express their graditude to the mentor as well as the fellow students and forever remember the time they were living in the color school.
Some  former students of Gia Dinh Fine Arts School have bequeathed a lot of good works and also some fellow students have had noble awards such as,
People’s artist :         Mr.LUONG DONG
People’s artist:          Mr.PHAN PHAN – PHAN DAC TRUONG
Excellent teacher:      Mr.UYEN HUY – HUYNH VAN MUOI
Meritorious artist:     Mr.LE TRUONG TIEU
Although the stream of time still is going on and the life has to mingle with the age, the Fine Arts School’s students always remember the old school with memories of the first time when they began learning to draw and remember the poetries:
 “ Nha Be where the river flows into two streams.
   Welcome people who comes to Giadinh, Dongnai...…
   Coming to Giadinh, whoever don’t remember
   Stay by the side of Mr.’s Temple : The Art School in the old days
   What are the beautiful life and country
   The artists’ hands enrich our country...”

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