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ARTIST Artist Nguyen Thi Tam
Artist’s Biography

Spiritual painting's review

The painting presents Birth and Death – an obvious principle in The Creator. This principle covers every single phenomenon. The Birth and Death exists right within just a blink of an eye. How naturally does our breath comes in and out, how smoothly does our heart beats then much obvious is the Birth and Death.
Where there is Birth and Death, there is development. The Birth and Death of the lotuses creates the expansion and development filling the pond. And the Birth and Death within our consciousness will produce the enlightenment. Enlightenment is the deep comprehension on The Creator as well as ourselves. The more enlightened the more deeply we will penetrate into ourselves. The more enlightened, the more we will dissolve into The Creator.

Nguyen Thi Tam.
Name Birth and Death Giá:
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Code NTT-17-TTL-01
Size 109 x 109 cm
Material Oil paint