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Bl26 Pure Fog In The Morning Ii

BL26 Pure fog in the morning

Coming to Bach Lan’s world of art, viewers will come to an adventure to discover a whole new world. Everything is like real, like dream. The image of a pink-white lotus appeared in the middle of classic colors pieces that never grow old not only to artists, but also to viewers. Of course, the fresh thing here is not in the theme or the colors; but the emotions, the vague feelings that always urge us to discover more. The moment Bach Lan painted, it might be in early in the morning when the sun hasn’t showed yet, and everything else seems to be still in its deep sleep. I said that because maybe only at this time, everything can be in its most natural self, “naked”; and that is the time the artist can easily catch the soul of all things, of the creators, can easily let the feeling of refreshment and purity touch our heart.

Artist: Bạch Lan (1959)
Code: BL26
Create year:  
Size: 110 x 110 cm
Media: Oil on canvas
Shipping cost:
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