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Artist’s Biography
Bl27 The Love Streamlines

BL27 The Love Streamline

“The love streamlines” - may be the name already told us the idea and the feeling of Bach Lan artist for the subjects that have strong attachment to her throughout her entire career path of art. The image of a lady is standing next to the lotus in harmony with the nature scenery that creates a poetic, ethereal feeling. A beautiful feeling is so real, natural and pure…the light in the artwork forms a soft light shinning in a warm space, which unintentionally makes the art piece full of beauty, perfume and soul. The viewers in general and the lovers of Bach Lan’s paintings in particular will wonder what the motivation that keeps her patient and endurance is. The answer is closer than we thought. Everything comes from her endless love and passion for art, and also for beauty of her own definition.

Artist: Bạch Lan (1959)
Code: BL27
Create year:  
Size: 70 x 80 cm
Media: Oil on canvas
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