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Artist’s Biography
Dc361 Autumn Afternoon
DC361- Autumn Afternoon
The autumn goes through the soul prism of the artist and is an invaluable gift that nature presents to human, the enzyme that captivates the hearts engrossingly. Let’s watch the painting  “Autumn afternoon” of Dang Can Artist and we will find it. With the smooth and thin scattering techniques, the fall sky in Dang Can’s painting seems to be higher and most of blue, a mass of cloud is also bobbing indistinctly. The only blue and green are nearly filled in the art work that makes the fall sky indeterminately large. Once again, we can watch the beauty of the countryside with a view which seems to be old but brings so much emotion, that’s fall sky scene…
Artist: Đặng Can (1957)
Code: DC361
Create year:  
Size: 132 x 159 cm
Media: Oil on canvas
Price: $900 (With frame)
Shipping cost: Advice
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