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ARTIST Do Duy Tuan
Artist’s Biography
DDT19 Still Life
The theme of the painting is very familiar to daily life routine of everybody which is a glass of black coffee. The bitterness can be tasted in every drops of this unique drink created by mankind. Black coffee is bitter, even too bitter for some who cannot get familiar with the taste; they will need to a cup of water to soothe that not so pleasant taste. However, when one has become more tolerant with it, one can realize its attractiveness. After the bitter taste stings on the front of our tongue, the after taste is sweet coming with exquisite aroma absorbing in every neuron which brings lucidity and calm…therefore, enjoying coffee has become a traditional feature of Saigon people in particular and the Vietnamese in general. To start a day with small gossip over a cup of coffee is also to push back the separation of classes, to release stress and to travel back in time with stories of old days,…
The movement of this artwork is the movement of light, “rhythm” of the dark and the light…The dark resembles the color of black coffee covering almost the entire space and only spares a small corner for a spark of light to squeeze in lightening the two cups’ silhouettes on the table… The color’s movement is hereditary and affects one another. 
Artist: Đỗ Duy Tuấn (1954)
Code: DDT19
Create year:  
Size: 90 x 90 cm
Media: Oil on canvas
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