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ARTIST Artist Ho Huu Thu
Artist’s Biography


Spiritual painting's review

Returning to one's original self means to return to the Creator, go back to our pure self. We improve our consciousness day by day through many daily practical interactions in life. As our eyes are closed we travel into meditation, we become silent so that our body and soul can be united, that is when we dissolve into the Creator. The Creator within us will harmonize with the one outside.
The three lotus flowers represent the flowering consciousness. The three lotus bubs growing up and touching the crescent moon, the moon is one with the sun as if it is a symbol of enlightenment. That image represents the Creator. From there we dissolve infinitely.
We get straight to increasing our consciousness and dissolving into the Creator.


Ho Huu Thu
Name Direct Pointing Price:
Code HHT-18-TTL-01
Size 75 x 75 cm
Material Oil paint