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ARTIST Do Duy Tuan
Artist’s Biography
Dt16 Abstract I
DDT16 Abstract I
The two main subjects of Do Duy Tuan’s creation in many years are Hue city and women. This “Abstract I” painting is like a demonstration for his love towards Hue. Everything seems to be covered by a meditative atmosphere, something like the traces of ancient citadels, mausoleums and the old-aged temples in silhouette … Using thin fabric as an intention, he created many broken and loose-connection tracks to depict his artwork in an own way…. He made the invisible bridge between the art lovers and his artworks in harmony…
Artist: Đỗ Duy Tuấn (1954)
Code: DDT16
Create year:  
Size: 115 x 115 cm
Media: Oil on canvas
Price: $8860 (With frame)
Shipping cost: Advice
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