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ARTIST Artist Do Duy Tuan
Artist’s Biography


Spiritual painting's review

Through the painting and the artist's expression, a story was told that we humans are one unity with The Creator without a separation. Based on our body form, we make a distinction between male and female. However, there is invisibility of many different elements deep inside of us. There is Yin - the female figure on the left which symbolizes woman, mother, sister or daughter. And there is Yang - The male figure on the right which symbolizes male, father, brother or son. There is half male and half female in us. I am in you, you are in me, the wife is in the husband and vice versa. That is egolessness - the invisible self that is constantly transforming and we cannot see. What is available in The Creator available in us, merging into one unity.

Do Duy Tuan
Name No Ego Price:
Code DDT 16
Size 90 x 90 cm
Material Mixed Media