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ARTIST Artist Le Nhuong
Artist’s Biography

The painting expesses two vivid states of consciousness: Awareness and Unconsciousness.
The line of small circles popping up from the mind with a smaller yellow dot in each of them shows that our concentration always remains along with the flow of time, our consciousness is constantly under control – “Focus on where we desire!” – Mater Tran Thanh Nghi. This helps us stay in The Reality, our mind and body are continuously at the balanced state.
However, if we are just not alert for a second we will immediately fall into the state of unconsciousness- “It’s back!” – Master Tran Thanh Nghi. That state is described through wrong direction of the yellow dot and it is going to be swallowed by the black space of unawareness. When we are taken by the unconsciousness, our mind and body will be out of control. We will be no longer ourselves. There will be something else living inside of us.

Le Nhuong
Name It's Back! Price:
Code LN-24-13
Size 50 x 50 cm
Material Oil paint