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Artist’s Biography
Lthanh12 Saigon Cathedral Church
LThanh12 Saigon Cathedral Church
Having seen so many historical events deeply for more than 3 centuries, the figure of Saigon Church – one of the most famous masterpieces of architecture under the French domination, consecrated “Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral” by the Holy See - Vatican in December 8th 1959, appeared on the painting anciently, solemnly. Looking longer and closer, we’re likely to enter into the fine art world; the palette arrays begin moving and forming into charming girls; in front of the spiritual palace, they are silently praying to Mary who blesses on pious Christian believers …
Artist Le Thanh not only blows a breath of fresh air into the expressionism paintings- very soft, spontaneous but deep and poetic boldly. Whenever enjoying his artworks, people have chance to relive the peaceful days and perceive pure beauties getting omitted round their life due to workaday concerns.
Artist: Lê Thanh (1942)
Code: LThanh12
Create year:  
Size: 85 x 85 cm
Media: Oil on canvas
Price: $9860 (With frame)
Shipping cost: Advice
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