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Artist’s Biography
Lthanh34 This Place In The Old Years
LThanh34 This Place In The Old Years
Le Thanh was born in 1942, in a family which had a tradition towards art. Having a romantic soul since a little boy, he definitely follows his family members’ footsteps. His world of art is a nostalgic about the good old days in which everything was created like a lively black and white movie. That takes the viewers back to the time when Sai Gon - Pearl of the East Sea – was still in its 1960s. Going back to the past and reminding people about Sai Gon was the girls in Ao dai; the charm of innocent and shy women always brings us indescribable inspiration …
Artist: Lê Thanh (1942)
Code: LThanh34
Create year:  
Size: 100 x 100 cm
Media: Oil on canvas
Price: $6860 (With frame)
Shipping cost: Advice
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