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Artist’s Biography
Familiar Street Corner
The black and white film of Hanoi’s street in the 80s is presented vividly with many bright colors in Manh Lam’s paintings. When you look closer, longer, it is almost that you can see the movement not only of the characters but also the landscape in the painting...
What a clear blue sky!
Under the blazing summer midday, life goes by slowly peacefully. Conversations between women in the neighborhood sometimes are interrupted by jingles from the strolling ice cream bike.  Cool and delicious ice cream cones are every kids’ dreams ... One blow of the wind makes paper flowers, the flamboyant in the front yard fall sporadically on the pavement...
"Familiar city corner" appears familiarly which calls back many of people in Hanoi childhood memories.
Artist: Mạnh Lâm (1974)
Code: ML-01-15
Create year: 2015
Size: 115x135 cm
Media: Oil on canvas
Price: $1680 (With frame)
Shipping cost: Advice
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