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ARTIST Artist Nguyen Thi Tam
Artist’s Biography


The painting depicts the movement towards The Creator of all beings. Every lotus flower, leave or stigma are all striving for unifying with The Creator  which is the shining moon above.Off all these consciousnesses, some are flowering and being in tune with The Creator while others are still in progress of becoming more and more whole. Some even have just grown out of the water surface and regardless of their youngness, they are immediately headed to the light of The Creator.
It proves one thing that becoming more spiritual to approach The Creator is an obvious thing. And although there is a lot ofconsciousnesses which have not figured out the focal point for their existence yet, unknowingly they are finding the way to return to The Creator, to their original self.


Nguyen Thi Tam
Name Moving towrads The Creator. Price:
Code NTT-17-TTL-03
Size 100 x 100 cm
Material Oil paint