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ARTIST Artist Nguyen Thi Tam
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Spiritual Painting's review

Nothing exists by itself within the whole of space. However, the distinction makes us separate and judge things in two opposite extremes: Dark vs Light; Short vs Tall, Pretty vs Ugly and Good vs Bad, etc. And we are always either at this or the other side of that opposition ladder.
The green-and-alive lotus leaves and flowers were next to the sere-and-dead leaves and stigmas represent the overall and unity of all things and creatures. That Life and Death are undoubtedly not opposite. In reality, they are just one inseparable unity. The absence of one leads to the non existence of the other.
We should not let the distinction of our mind make us stuck in Life and Death. We should instead know that it is just the continuous progress. There is already Death right at the moment we were born. The Creator is ever-changing and unified. There is no distinction.


Nguyen Thi Tam
Name Non Duality Price:
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Code NTT-17-TTL-02
Size 70 x 100 cm
Material Oil paint