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ARTIST Quang Tho
Artist’s Biography
Qtho06 Summer Color

QTho06 Summer Color

Mentioning Dalat, we will think of thousands flowers, fog covers all the corners leaving memories on visitors’ mind. Is it the reason for a son of Dalat, artist Quan Tho always sees the beauty of Dalat no matter which season comes?

Looking at “Summer Color” like a recall, back to the old wonderful summer times. At the time, the city is just like a beautiful lady in her gorgeous dress. It seems the warm atmosphere is the chance for all kind of flowers blooming at once creating colorful image in the sunshine.

Flowers on the trees, on leaves, imprinting in the sky, covering the ground creating a flower carpet with the purple, yellow combined with the green leaves, water and sky all create a painting with glamorous scene.

The panting “Summer Color” has bright and strong colors, but there are small corners with light and simple stroke yet can be memorable.


Artist: Quan Tho (1951)
Code: QTho06
Create year:  
Size: 100 x 120 cm
Media: Oil on canvas
Shipping cost:
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