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ARTIST Quang Tho
Artist’s Biography
Qtho15 School Girls And Bicycles Ii

QTho15 School Girls And Bicycles II

Quan Tho was born in 1951 in the foggy city – Đà Lạt, Vietnam. During childhood, he was taught to paint by a French Pastor at Lasan Adran School, particularly oil paintings.

“School girls and bicycles” with gentle and deep style, his painting’s soul make viewer overflow with emotions... The image of school girls in white Ao dai riding bicycles on a poetic road, their hair flying in the wind...in white background like fog and illusion which leads viewers down memory lane where all memories of old days  return in the mind of people who had gone through the beautiful school days...

Artist: Quan Tho (1951)
Code: QTho15
Create year:  
Size: 90 x 110 cm
Media: Oil on canvas
Shipping cost:
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