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ARTIST Artist Nguyen Thi Tam
Artist’s Biography

Spiritual painting's review
The boat's natural self is supposed to float with the water stream and our original self is about merging with the infinite transformation within this Creator.
However, due to different interactions, we can no longer be aware that we are drifted away from that Transformation just like the boat going away from the river and being stuck in the mud. From the oneness,being same as the Creator, we detach ourselves and create the dualism or distinction like the boat divides into the small and big boat.
Time passing by, the clinging roots deeply inside our consciousness and eliminates perhaps all the smallest signals through which we can catch and find the way to go back.
Despite that, the Creator keeps sharing itself like the breathing, like the heartbeat and like the mother's blood running inside her baby.
That sharing one way or the other will rise in us to help us realize and gradually touch "the real We". Then we go on penetrating more strongly to let go of the unreal that we have been holding on for so long. Let the Transformation wash them all and bring us back with the Creator_"Việc mà lẽ giờ Ta đã thế! Điều mà đúng ra nó phải là!"_Master Tran Thanh Nghi.
Hiding away in the immensity of The Earth and The Sky, there is a little shelter. That is a message from the Creator that our natural being is the infinity, it will go on as soon as we do not choose to stop. But it is obvious that once we have touched the infinity from being ignorant then it is no doubt that we will dissolve more and more.


Nguyen Thi Tam
Name RETURN! Giá:
Code NTT-01
Size 55 x 75 cm
Material Oil paint