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ARTIST Artist Quang Thanh
Artist’s Biography

Spiritual painting's review
The appearance of Vietnamese traditional conical hats depicting the movement of all the consciousnesses toward The Creator. Each hat represents a person with their own consciousness flying high and low that corresponds to different dropping points.
All of these consciounesses are somewhere within the categorized patterns. These are all the conditionings produced by us and for finally imprisoning ourselves. The burning oil lamp seems to be shining the light of Spiritual theories which help guide these ignorant consciousnesses back to The Creator. Right in there, they can have a sense of real freedom and wholeness.
The painting also holds many invisible miracles from The Creator. That happens  when the artist is highly concentrated, his alert consciousness unified with The Creator. Through him, The Creator transfers the invisible miracles into the painting. The things that our imagination has never been able to reach.

Quang Thanh
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Code QT-02-TTL-2018
Size 90,5 x 100 cm
Material Oil on canvas