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ARTIST Artist Le Nhuong
Artist’s Biography


The painting shows different states of our consciousness in the mutuality with The Creator. When we still have not figured out the reason for our existence within The Creator then we and The Creator are two separative individuals. Every thing runs through us unconsciously. Our breaths still constantly come in and out as if we are alive. But we have never had a sense of the surrounding life. Therefore, there is always an infinite blank that no matter how much we try we become hopeless to fill up.
However, The Creator is till naturally sharing with us the signs so that we can come to know that we and The Creator are, in fact, non dual. "The Creator is within us and we are within The Creator"_Master Tran Thanh Nghi. That is just why the unity becomes an absolute. This appears through two square shapes with the light dot in middle. Our consciousness goes on developing, we go on observing then dissolving into The Creator until we turn into it like all the yellow dots flowering up into Infinity because we have already disappeared into the endlessness.

Le Nhuong
Name States of Consciousness. Price:
Code LN-23-13
Size 50 x 50 cm
Material Oil paint