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ARTIST Artist Le Nhuong
Artist’s Biography


Spiritual painting's review

We are present here inside The Creator with different dropping points of consciousness and life purposes same as countless of white dots in the painting. These white dots are all the desires and goals that we are conditioned to achieve in life. We are dedicated to pursue without having a clue why no matter how hard we try still there is not a single time that we get fulfilled. The answer lies right at the red square in middle of the painting. We are surrounded by conditions and expectations that we cannot figure out our focal point for this life, not knowing about the main and auxiliary points and lost ourselves into that. We tend to look outside to satisfy the expectations out of greed, hatred and delusion unconsciously with realizing that our focal point is to understand ourselves. Once we comprehend ourselves we get clear about everything because "Ta là tất cả mà nó như là"_Master Tran Thanh Nghị. We are whole, fulfilled for each day penetrating deeper into the real self.

Le Nhuong
Name The Focal Point. Price:
Code LN-18-TTL-02
Size 50 x 50 cm
Material Oil paint