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ARTIST Artist Tran Thuy Linh
Artist’s Biography


Spiritual painting's review

The painting appears to be so vital and harmonious which immediately gives us the sense of moving toward each other between the two kinds of flower. One side is very opened and looking forward to the merging. The other flower is so gentle and flexible, all the petals seem to move ahead as quickly as possible as if it has already found the focal point for its own existence. Everything around seems to be blurred and there remains only the two flowers altogether aiming for the moment of harmonization.
The painting also gives us a sense of our existence within The Creator. It seems like we have never been in tune with our own original nature. If we could dedicate all our body and mind trying to understand ourselves in this Reality, then it is when we have touched our nature which also means we are on the same beat with The Creator.

Tran Thuy Linh
Name The Merging. Price:
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Code TTL-04-18
Size 130 x 97.5 cm
Material Oil on canvas