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ARTIST Artist Quang Thanh
Artist’s Biography

Spiritual painting' review
Master Tran Thanh Nghi enlightens a fine and complete definition about consciousness: “Tâm thức là sự ngộ”.
We immediately indicate from the painting that there are plenty of states of consciousness and they are are like all the flowers constantly appearing and disappearing. One flower must go through uncountable interactions in order to blossom and spread out its fragrance and beauty around then the same thing happens to a consciousness. Each colored area represents a door of consciousness within the Creator. Master Tran Thanh Nghi instructs that “The Creator changes as soon as we ourselves change”. That means as soon as we change ourselves with the miraculous Natural Theories then simultaneously the door of consciousness will open to let us merge in, and there are countless of states like that.
We can also learn that life and death are deep down just what we created. The whole process from being only a bud until growing, flowering and dying is just a continuous transformation with no ending at all.
And if we assume that the two blossoming flowers are where we are unified with the Creator, still it is not the end. “Immediately” all the petals fall down; because our enlightenment is very temporary, if we consider ourselves to be enlightened then we are not truly enlightened. In reality, “Ngộ mà không biết mình ngộ thì thật là ngộ” – Master Tran Thanh Nghi -.

Quang Thanh
Name The occurence of consciousness.. Giá:
Code QT-05.12.2018
Size 80 x 125 cm
Material Oil