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ARTIST Artist Huy Thanh
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Spiritual painting's review

The Earth and the sky always change each and every minute, creating infinite transformation. We catch and consider them as Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. But in reality, none of the springs or winters is the same. “Thực tại muôn trùng nhưng không lặp lại”_Master Tran Thanh Nghi. This Creator’s principle makes us awake. Why do we keep capturing, holding the negative or positive feelings for the gone moments and as a result, feeling regret, glad and then miserable for the changing scenes.
The branch of new blossoms hiding from the cold, the weak sunlight getting through the overcast weather; we catch the image and have the feelings for the ending of winter, however, things still go on growing and dying in order to balance everything. The bird couple naturally harmonizes with the obvious principle of the Creator. What about us? Are we opening to this wholeness? Where to search?In this reality, we are complete.

Looking at the flowers get us taken aback. The spring comes in the blink of an eye. The circle returns too fast. And one’s life just lasts that quickly. How many realities have we missed? How much enlightenment we attain within the transformation of the Creator so that our existence can be meaningful. Master Tran Thanh Nghi used to teach: “Thực Tại là toàn năng, thực tại là tất cả.” it relates so much to this painting.

Huy Thanh
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Code HThanh10
Size 86 x 177 cm
Material Oil