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ARTIST Artist Nguyen Thi Tam
Artist’s Biography

Spiritual painting's review
In life, everyone has a place to return and lean on. No matter how much the boat floats on water, it always needs a stop to take some rest and then go on with its journey.
The journey of one's consciousness is the same. We were born and unknowingly stuck right at where our state of consciousness is. Like the boats are being anchored in middle of the fishing nets and leaf roofs. Those images represent a life with hassle and competition. The hatred, greed and delusion cover us and push us around the circle without an exit and we ourselves cannot realize that we are trapped.
The one who identifies their problems will observe them and learn to let go of their ego in order to merge with the Creator. That is shown through the other two boats taking refuge in middle of the tree island. Although they are taking refuge, the scene still evokes peacefulness, closer to nature and with less competition and mistakes. And from this rest stop of consciousness, we will go on following and understanding the Creator to become one with it. That is when our consciousness will no longer be stuck or will have have to take refuge in anywhere. Because now "We are the Creator, The Creator is us"_Master Tran Thanh Nghi.
Nguyen Thi Tam
Name The rest stop of consciousness Giá:
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Code NTT-17-TTL-02
Size  x  cm
Material Silk painting