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ARTIST Thu Huong
Artist’s Biography
Thuh53 Lily Pink Flowers
ThuH53 Lily Pink Flowers
An artist specializing in landscapes works, especially Vietnam landscape. It is rare to have a still-life painting in the collection of Thu Huong artist. Although she does not draw many still-life paintings, she has made each of her works meticulously and fully demonstrated her painting skills. The "Pink Lily" make an impression from light pink Lis standing out upon a dark tone background. Although it is static, thanks to her gifted hands the petals become soft, and smooth as if they were dancing. It's something special in Thu Huong’s still-life paintings, although static but dynamic.
Artis: Thu Hương (1974)
Code: ThuH53
Create year:  
Size: 50 x 70 cm
Media: Oil on canvas
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