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ARTIST Thu Huong
Artist’s Biography
Thuh62 Road In Countryside
SOLD - Collector from US
"Village Road" by Thu Huong artist with bright tone of colors portrayed a peaceful rural corner of the northern hometown vividly. In contrast to palatial buildings, the bustling traffic ... is a peaceful village with the image of rice flower plants blooming which reminds us the old tale “Genie of the Banyan tree, Ghost of the Rice tree" we once heard.  The small road leading to the village wears a familiar brown color with a little yellow from rice straw. Chains of tiles roof houses, and moss walls give viewers the feeling that the hustle and bustle urban life have neglected this place. Daily lives of people passes by quietly and peacefully...
Artist: Thu Hương (1974)
Code: ThuH62
Create year:  
Media: Oil on canvas
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