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Artist’s Biography
Tm 1 13 Still Life
TM-1-13 Still Life
Artist To Minh was born in 1943. He is a child of Binh Thuan a wilderness filled with sunshine and winds, storms and hurricanes. And that “Wildness” seems to have penetrated his soul, giving birth to a To Minh with strong and determining brushstrokes that the art community loves today.
Carrying with him a passionate love for his homeland, especially spending his childhood living closely to the sea and fishing villages, he always sets a special priority in choosing what is tightly attached to the sea and his homeland as the subjects in his paintings. And to say “Choosing” and “Prioritizing” is not completely right, because all that has dissolved and become one with his soul already. How come one can “choose” oneself? Impossible!
When painting, he is no more himself or perhaps he becomes a bridge through which the aesthetic liquid flowing and forming itself on the canvas.
The painting “Still life” somehow helps us feel that. The objects arranged by him are things that are very familiar in everyday life, the clay kettle, the traditional conical hat of Vietnamese women, a few juicy star-fruits and two dragon fruits- the special fruits of Binh Thuan.
With the determining, strong brushstrokes and the thick layers of colors created by the trowel and an admirable ability to manipulate light and darkness, To Minh has really formed a lively 3-dimensional space giving the viewers a feeling like they can actually touch the objects and truly feel their taste and flavors.

But if that is all there is to say then To Minh’s still life painting is really “Still”. In other words, it will be not much different from other sill life paintings. But no, these objects seem to be trying to tell the viewers a story about the farmers in the Middle of Vietnam at noon on the paddies. Beneath a tree, they were resting, sharing some sips of water to soothe their thirst. Or it is the moment when they share some sweet pieces of dragon fruits or juicy star-fruits.

It is just that simple but it is enough for them to forget about the harshness in life and then begin to enjoy life more. This is perhaps a message that the artist wants to send to not only those people in his hometown but also to other people in the entire nation.
Artist: Tô Minh (1943)
Code: TM-1-13
Create year:  
Size: 75 x 100 cm
Media: Oil on canvas
Shipping cost:
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