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Artist’s Biography
Tm94 Herdsman Iii
TM94 Herdsman III
Besides talent and good education, one important aspect that forms To Minh’s painting style and deep emotion towards art can just be encapsulated in one word “Homeland”. Being experienced the lives of people in where he calls hometown, Phan Thiet city, from very young age, To Minh grew up being sympathetic and harmonious with every simple thing here. Therefore, his artworks inspiringly lead viewers to a feeling as if they were watching a documentary film. As a demonstration, this painting only sketchs a corner of paddle field, but means the whole scene since art is not only for seeing, admiring but also feeling with people’s own heart.
Artist: Tô Minh (1943)
Code: TM94
Create year:  
Size: 75 x 100 cm
Media: Oil on canvas
Shipping cost:
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