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Artist’s Biography
Tthu843 Autumn Coming
TThu790 Livelihood VI
As an artist, Thai Thu artist has been having a deep insight and sympathy for women. They are women who work hard from sunrise until dawn for their family, for their children and for their life.
The artwork “Livelihood VI” has once again portrayed one of those women. An image of a little woman on her boat working on the river, she is surrounded by the greatness of the stream, the sky, and even the big tree branch is upon her back….
Despite that, in Thai Thu painting, we can still find a little spark of hope in the dark. That is the smooth river, the tree with arms wide open embracing that woman in…The scene is gentle and peaceful. It’s a belief, a hope of Thai Thu artist about a better future than the tough life of the woman in the painting. 
Artis: Thái Thu (1958)
Code: TThu790
Create year:  
Size: 60 x 60 cm
Media: Oil on canvas
Price: $160 (With frame)
Shipping cost: Advice
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