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ARTIST Artist La Hon
Artist’s Biography

Spiritual painting's review
The painting expresses the state when we are unified with the Creator. The Creator can be understood as the constant transformation and when we dissolve into that then we and the Creator are one.
All things and creatures are moving and changing over time and it is the same as the movement and changing of the colors torrentially running in the painting.
The transparent face in middle of the painting is a depiction of the consciousness at its balanced state and will not be taken out of the Creator's stream by the distinction of our mind. And when we are in middle of the scale of consciousness, that moment we and the Creator dissolve into each other. We flow with the Creator's stream as same as the face suddenly turns into the colored flow and there is no individuality in the whole of space.

La Hon
Name We are The Creator, The Creator is us. Giá:
Liên hệ Gallery.
Code LH
Size 30 x 30 cm
Material Oil paint