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ARTIST Artist Le Xuan Chieu
Artist’s Biography

The painting is a mixture of countless of faces. Each face presents our different roles in life. Each person even has to convert in many roles in different times and spaces. However, within each range like that we will be under control of certain conditions and limits. And when being overwhelmed by that confusion and complication, we often question ourselves: “Who we really are?”.
If there were not any ranges to tie us to then “We are the Creator”. The Creator has never decided something or someone we must become. Because it is already fulfilled in itself. The realization of it helps us let go of the conditions and ranges we create by ourselves and becomes harmonious with the whole of everything. That is when “Ta là tất cả mà nó như là”_Master Trần Thanh Nghị.


Le Xuan Chieu
Name Who Are We? Giá:
Code LXC-01-18
Size 95 x 74 cm
Material Oil paint