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ARTISTS Van Duong Thanh
Duong Van Thanh

Artist Van Duong Thanh

Duong Van Thanh
Van Duong Thanh

Well known as one of Asia’s talented international female artists, Van Duong Thanh grew up in Hanoi and studied for twelve years at l’Ecole de Beaux Arts, Indochine and at the Academy of Fine Arts. She researched at the , Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Spain, and Sweden
Being distinctive for a subtle combination of Asian and European heritage in which Western techniques lean towards traditional motif of the natural world, women, children and flowers through more than 1,600 paintings, Van Duong Thanh successfully inspires a large number of both domestic and international art lovers. The harmonious composition of vibrant colors, reflection of its emotional value and touches of expressive semi-abstraction makes her paintings unique. 
Van Duong Thanh received, among other awards, the highly regarded “International Excellence of Art of CFMI”, USAFrance 1995 and 1997, and “Glory of the Nation” 2007.
 Main Exhibitions:
1980, 90: National Museum of Art, Vietnam             
1990: Museum of Art, HCM City                                                           
1992: Gallerie La Maison du Vietnam, Paris               
1993: SilpakornArtUniversity, Thailand                  
1994: Notices the Gallery, Singapore                      
1995: National Gallery of Thailand                           
1995: World Trade Center, Singapore
2000: Staffanstorps Konsthall, Sweden                                      
2002: Galerie La Vong, Hong Kong                        
2003: Goethe Institute, Hamburg
2004: St. Croix, USA  
2005: Vietnam Museum of Ethnology  
2006: Exhibition Hall, VN Fine Art 
2007: L’Espace, French Cultural Center, 
2009: Sofitel Plaza Hotel, Hanoi
2009: National Museum of Art, Hano
2010: Melia Hanoi. 
4/2011: UNDP Hanoi
8/2011: The Asia & Pacific Museum,Warsaw

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