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Artist Mạnh Lâm

Artist Mạnh Lâm

1.      Outline artist biography and art.

He was born in 1974 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

son. He got married when he was thirty and had two sons.

·      In 2000: Graduated from College of Fine Arts in Hanoi.

·      2001: First private exhibition in art exhibition and exchange central in Hanoi.

·      2002: Participated in group of 03 young artist in Hanoi.

·      2003: Private exhibition in Hilton Hotel – Hanoi - Vietnam.

·      2004: Solo exhibition Hong Kong.

·      2005: Solo exhibition Niko Hotel – HanoiVietnam.

·      Besides he has attended some group exhibitions in domestic and oversea.

·      He has many paintings in Private Collection in various countries.


2.   How did you become an artist? Talk about your start, what made you interested in art? 


3.   The style of your art works?

At present, I’m pursuing the view of impressionism. I was affected by the artists who follow the impressionism such as Claude Monet and Bui Xuan Phai (Vietnam).


4.   What was the artist's inspiration, your mentor or idol?


5.  What makes you different from others in Vietnam?  What makes you different and special compared to others?

I think that any artist who is honest to himself in his thought and action from his heart will be different from the others including his colleagues. I believe in myself and understand what I’m doing. I can also see my colleagues’ paintings.


6. How do you view Vietnam; and the outside world? 

Vietnamese paintings are as beautiful and gentle as the Vietnamese. I’m so small compared to the big outside world, so I have no comments about this comparison.


7. What are your likes and dislikes?

I like things which are simple, smooth, pure and bright. Besides, I do not like the peculiarity and deception.


8. Why did you utilize this medium or style?

Oil-paint suits my strong feelings and allows me to express my diversified emotions in various ways. The view of impressionism suits my style most, at least in this time.


9.   What are you trying to communicate in your art works?  If you have a common message or ideology for all of your works, please state it.

My art works express my spiritual life in particular and Red river delta’s resident community in general.

Coming with nature is the best way to rescue our spiritual life.


 10.   Is there any hidden meanings or any messages behind your art works? Is it something political or personal…or some other feeling or thoughts?

I don’t mention about politics in all my paintings.


My landscape paintings are the call from what exists in obsession and desire.


12.  Who are you and why should people purchase and collect your art works?

I adore the beauty as well as the human’s sense of beauty. I try to draw more beautiful paintings with stronger feelings. In addition, they must show the Vietnamese characters deeply and highlight my own hallmark.

So I think everyone who purchased for my painting and collect my art works because he/she love beauty  also.