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Quan Tho

Artist Quan Tho

Quan Tho

1.    Family:

Artist Quan Tho’s full name is Nguyen Quan Tho. He was born in 1951 in Dalat which is a famous and beautiful city for relaxation, part of Lam Vien highland discovered by a French doctor named Alexandre Yesin in 1893 during his discovering and adventurous journey.
Quan Tho’s childhood was along with the nunnery in middle of the 19th century. Quan Tho had never seen his parents. After he was born his parents passed away due to a family issue. He and his older sister were sent to Vincent De Paul’s monastery- a place for orphans. 

Quan Tho only realized that his parents had gone when he was five. Vincent De Paul’s is a thirty-hectares nunnery dedicated to Domain De Marie managed by French and has the same criteria as the ones in France.

 Quan Tho grew up and learned to draw in this nunnery. The nuns were in charge of feeding the orphans and the pastors were responsible for teaching. Quan Tho learned drawing from those pastors in primary school.
In the nunnery, from the age of five, Quan Tho often drew birds and trees. His drawing scores were always the highest. He drew everywhere in his books and was punished with stick by the nuns for not keeping his books clean.
Later when he was in Ninth grade, the nuns realized and told him that drawing/painting was a poor career. Quan Tho responded: “Although I would have to die, I will hold the brush”. The nuns then realized that it is his true passion and began to support him as much as possible in drawing.
When he was twelve, he continued to learn the French drawing style from the Lasan Adran’s pastors. Quan Tho studied with Delutte and Rener. The two pastors later went back to France.
This is the place that planted the very solid seed of art within the orphan kid, Quan Tho, where he learnt all the French oil paint styles.
And his drawing talent was shown more clearly that his schoolmates. He was crazy about painting and would paint anywhere possible. His clothes had spilt colors, books given by the school for studying he also painted on them.
During his teenage at the nunnery, Quan Tho was very active and naughty. There were times after school, he went to paint in the woods and slept there. The pastors had to go find him and he got punished for that.
Quan Tho’s nuclear family:
Quan Tho got married the first time at the age of thirty one. Then he got divorced and married again at sixty one in 2011.
Quan Tho’s first exhibition was in 1972 in Dalat with teachers Fere and other brothers in the Lasan Adran’s monastery (Teachers Fere are also in the same monastery, but they are different from pastors, they focus on academic study and science instead of spiritual activities).
1985, exhibition with a group of young artists (HCM city).
1986, exhibited with artist Thuan Ho.
1987, solo exhibition.
1988, solo exhibition.
1989, exhibition of District five’s group of watercolor artists.
1990, exhibited in Hoi An and in Ho Chi Minh city.
1991, exhibition with other artists from HCM fine-arts Association.
1992, solo exhibition at Saigon Tourist.
12/1992, solo exhibition in Taiwan.
1993, exhibited in London.
1994, solo exhibition in Taipei (Taiwan), was invited sponsored by a gallery in Taiwan in October 1994.
1996, exhibited in Switzerland.
1997,exhibition in Manila, Philippnes.
1998,exhibition in Singapore.
2002,exhibition at Equatorial Hotel, Vietnam.
2003, exhibition at Equatorial Hotel, Vietnam, held by Particular Gallery.
2004, exhibited at Metropole Gallery, Dong Khoi Street, District 1 and La Vong in Hong Kong.
2005, exhibited in Washington, America, organized by Mint Gallery and another exhibition at Saigon Tower. 
2006, exhibition at Equatorial Hotel, held by Ben Thanh Art Frame.
2007, annual exhibition auction called “Open smile” from 20017 to 2016.
As a professional artist, Quan Tho’s paintings are very “HOT”, they are being searched, purchased and collected by galleries in HCM city and painting collectors from Hanoi and HCM and especially art lovers and collectors from Singapore, Thailand, America, Canada, Australia, Japan, Shanghai, Hong Kong, India and other countries in Europe.