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ARTISTS Robert Mihagui
Robert Bouchin

Artist Robert Bouchin

Robert Bouchin

Artist Robert Bouchin (Mihagui)

Mihagui was born in 1945 in Vinh Phu Province, Viet Nam and is of Vietnamese origin. He studied fine art from 1961 – 1964 in Surgères – 37, France. Early in his life,1958, he moved to France together with his father and traveled in the painting circles of Montmartre, to the detriment of his studies. He determined at a fairly young age that his passion was painting and his future was in art.
Mihagui was interested in pictorial techniques and pigments and was greatly influenced by the works of Zaou Wou Ki, a French-Chinese painter who he defined as his "great Master". At the age of 25, Mihagui decided to concentrate his energies on a personal style which is somewhere between abstraction and post-impressionism.
In 1975, he spent six months working on the restoration of Saint Augustin's Church dome believing that there was no better inspiration than that born from manual work in such a spiritual place. Mihagui is personally very reserved and humble and understates information about himself and collectors of his work. In actuality, many French singers and actors hold significant collections of his pieces.
Vietnam refreshing his memories with the magical and mysterious landscapes of his country of birth.
2004: At Peugeot Cultural Center – Paris
2004: At Tours Cultural Center (group exhibition)
2004: At Deauville
2004: At Nice, Cote d Azur
2002: At Menton.
1995: At CergyPoutoiseCulturalCenter
1994: At  Eaubonne City Hall
1992: At Salon des Arts à Paris
1992: At Loft de Paris
1990: At Salon F.I.A.C.R.E
1990: The artwork was auctioned in Drouot, Paris for 7000FF  (US$ 1300)
1975: Joining as a dome restoration worker at Augustin church in Paris within 6 months.
Donating art works for some charity foundation (helping poor children, A.I.D.S. action)
Designing several CDs’ cover page 
1994: Award of EaubonneCity.
Solo Art Exhibition
12/2010 – Phuong Mai  Art Gallery, HCM city
05/2009 – Domaine de la Baume
06/2009 – Aix-en Provence
08/2009 – Gallery Bleue Dragou - Singapore
10/2009 –  Église de la Madeleine-Paris
12/2007 – Ho Chi Minh Fine Arts Association.
11/2006 – Tu Do Gallery - Ho Chi Minh city 
 Phuong Mai Gallery-Update 2011