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Welcome to Phuong Mai Gallery.

While producing an artwork, the artist puts all his mind into the brush and palette, that flowering moment when all senses merge into one to make an unity in order to support the idea or consciousness to flow out and in tune with the brushstroke. All the colors are harmonized with each other forming the outline, melodies and the story of colors. As a result, an amazing work with its soul is born. That is the truthfulness of the artist’s consciousness.
The viewers who oberve the work in an overall way will be able to touch the soul of that work that the artist fill into it. In that moment, the viewer’s feelings will unify with the artist’s soul. They can feel its beauty and peace but unable to describe because if they let their mind interfere, that beautiful moment will surely disappear. That is the viewer’s real feelings.

Having spent more than 14 years attaching with gallery stuff I have had a lot of real experiences as above. Each time looking at the painting in a highly focused way gives me diffferent feelings and sometimes they are unconscious thoughts. Asking the artists about their feelings while creating their works, most of them told me that they had no idea. That it just came out naturally the way it is. That is what I call “miracle”. That flowering moment is when the artist’s consciousness is most closed to the Meditation. He is meditating in his brushstrokes without knowing about that.

And an artwork is born as soon as the artist puts their brush down. It becomes a mental product and a disciple to them. Sometimes they name them, other times not. They let the viewers give name to it according to their feelings.

These artworks were produced in the way they are supposed to be no matter who the artist is, the work’s content will be mostly considered. And it is also the main activity of our gallery in this reality.
I am pleased to share with all of you.
Steven Ng.Q.Cuong/Gallery Director