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ARTISTS Artist Duong Sen

Artist Duong Sen

Outline artist biography and art
Real Name is Duong Van Sen.
Born in 1949 at Quynh Doi, Quynh Luu, Nghe An Province, Vietnam.
Graduated from HCMC Fine Art University in 1983.
Member of the Viet Nam Fine Arts Association. Member of the Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Association.

Exhibition participation:
1979-2010 Group Exhibition organized by the Viet Nam Fine Arts Association.
1993-2003 Group Exhibition (15 time) in Ho Chi Minh City and  Hanoi.
2000 Group Exhibition in The United States of America.
2001 Group Exhibition in Germany.
2004-2010 Group exhibition named “ Southern color”  at HCM city fine arts museum and in Hanoi city.
2010 - Group exhibition named “Southern color VII” at Phuong Mai Art gallery.
1997-1998 At Ho Chi Minh City- 2001 at Germany
2004 – at Ho Chi Minh City fine arts museum.
1999 The 2nd Prize of The Vietnam Fine Arts Exhibition Sector 6.
1998 The 3rd Prize of The Vietnam Fine Arts Exhibition Sector 6.
2000 B Prize From Army Exhibition: Theme of Armed Forces Medal On Account Of Vietnam Arts Work.
1996-1997-1999-2000 Award Prize From The Vietnam Fine Arts Association Sector 6.
1997-1998-1999-2000 Certificate of merit from Philip Morris group organized in Vietnam.
Drawings Exhibition:
The Vietnam fine arts Museum
The Ho Chi Minh fine arts museum
The Ho Chi Minh fine revolutionary museum
Drawings collected:
In France, the USA, Germany, Japan, Poland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada,…