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ARTISTS Artist Huy Thanh
Artist’s Biography
The Reality
Hthanh10 - The Reality- 86 x 177 cm-Silk painting
HThanh04-tiger and reed forest-85x140
HThanh04_tiger and reed forest-85x140cm. silk painting
HThanh07-Cop Tiger 81x108
HThanh07-Cop Tiger 81x108-cm.Silk painting
HThanh08 Vinh Ha Long-Ha Long Bay 88x178
HThanh08 - Ha Long Bay 88x178 cm.Silk painting
HThanh09 - A herd of horses in wasteland 83x177
HThanh09 -A herd of horses in wasteland 83x177 cm. Silk painting
HThanh12 - Eighth noble horse 86x159
HThanh12 -Eighth noble horse 86x159 cm.Silk painting