• Lotus Landscape V
    Indeed, the painting is a dancing show of lotus calyxes, lotus leaf, with soft shape, lissome in the thin fog. Lotus leaf hide shyly, lotus calyxes gracefully curve its branch, but overall, noble, yet gentle to viewers
    Lotus Landscape V
  • Abstract view
    An abstract painting in entertainment room, it's useful for rising up thinking.
    Abstract view
In the flow of Painting Art nowadays, Asian Painting Art plays an possitive role. Besides China, India, Indonesia Painting Art, Vietnam Painting Art is also considered to have a sound basis, solid position in Asia. Vietnam Contemporary Painting started with the birth of two academies: Gia Dinh (1913), and Dong Duong (1924) which were established by French. Vietnamese contemporary artists generations came from these academies, and >>
Miss Universe Vietnam is more than just a contest represents for beauty in the eyes but also beauty of the soul. A journey dedicates for the comprehensive beauty. That is proved through the establishment of the charity fund for the sake of the poor who is living under difficult conditions. On the night 02/10/2015, the night right before the final night of the contest, the charity event took place at Diamond Bay Resort & Spa, Nhatrang. 
Exhibition "Salty Sea" - Solo Exhibition Of To Minh Artist
To Minh stepped into art world with his soul of a coastal-region son. Plain and simple. For him, the whispering wave, the slightly moist wind and salty taste are his endless inspiration. They are, therefore, embodiment of what has formed his style. With the strong and firm brush strokes, To Minh s artworks illustrate the liveliest part of people there. Despite hard work and harsh environment, the bliss glitters in their eyes. The picture depicting fishing and harvesting activities shine...
Vietnamese-French Artist Shows Abstract Paintings
The Exhibition lasts until February 7 at the gallery, which is located at 07-09 Phan Chu Trinh Street in District 1.
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